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Synergraze Seeks to be Part of the Solution to Global Warming and Sustainable Economic Development

Leveraging research first conducted in Eastern Canada and later advanced in Australia by CSIRO and FutureFeed, Synergraze has developed proprietary technology that enhances the bioactivity of a variety of seaweeds. When added to their feed, the methane that cattle and other ruminants emit can be reduced by up to 90 percent.

In addition to the significant enteric methane reductions of its products, Synergraze’s production process also reduces GHG emissions by removing two tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for every ton of seaweed grown.

At Synergraze we seek to embody reconciliation in every way, including by building bridges and business partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and businesses.

Synergraze has partnered with T’Sou-ke First Nation and seeks to enhance the Nation’s community capacity for environmental monitoring and deploying traditional ecological knowledge. Our aim is to build a project that will be a leading example of sustainable business practices, embodying economic, environmental, and cultural reconciliation principles.

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