Synergraze Has Developed a Breakthrough Solution to Methane Emissions and Climate Change

Synergraze Significantly Reduces GHG's

Sustainable Agriculture Meets Aquaculture

Synergraze Inc. has developed and is commercializing a seaweed-based livestock feed additive that dramatically reduces methane emissions from the digestive systems of cattle and other ruminants, including bison, sheep and goats.

The Methane Problem

Cattle emissions account for 30 percent of all methane emissions globally. Methane is the second most abundant greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere from human-related activity, after carbon dioxide. Methane is approximately 28 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas than carbon dioxide.

Synergraze Significantly Reduces GHG's

Farming for the Future

Research studies have demonstrated a 90 percent reduction of enteric methane in cattle that are fed seaweed-based feed supplements. This can lead to sustainable meat and milk products with a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional meat and dairy products.

Our Common Goals

Reducing agricultural emissions is necessary for Canada to meet its ambitious climate goals. Synergraze is a Canadian company incorporated in Alberta and British Columbia. By significantly reducing methane emissions from cattle, Synergraze can assist Canada and its provinces in meeting their methane emissions reduction targets while helping farmers and consumers of meat and dairy products to become part of the solution to global warming.

Synergraze Sustainable Agriculture:
Part of the Solution

If even 40 percent of Canada’s cattle were supplemented with Synergraze’s feed additive, methane emissions from cattle could be reduced by approximately 9 million tonnes/CO2e/year, the equivalent of removing more than 4 million vehicles from the road every year.